Red Riding Hood, Dad and I

In Taipei, Taiwan, there was a wild waterfowl habitat where Tianmu Baseball Stadium now stands. When I was four, after my father got off work he would take me to this neighborhood wetland. There, he taught me how to use telescopes and identify wild egret when I was five. Three years later, this lush habitat was developed into a public park.

From thirteen to fifteen, when I was a runaway, I always hid in this park, which held so many memories with my father... I fantasized that I was red riding hood, hiding from the big bad wolf. I spent many nights in the closed spiral slide and dreamed the park was still a flowing marsh and I was still a tiny girl with telescopes.

So many times, my father ran out after midnight to look for me. He never blamed me, even after a long time searching. He was just happy to find me safe.

After all these years, I finally understand why I always returned to this park. Like the girl in the fairy tale; she wears red in the green forest, not to hide from the wolf, but to be found by the father.