Photographic light box in a window / Found Objects / Chair / Curtain






You are a hedgehog

Not that different from Sea Urchins

Hedgehogs and Sea Urchins both have soft hearts



I am a hedgehog

Not that different from a Cactus

I stabbed a bastard with a dagger.


You were a coward 

You ran away rather than face the reality

Immigrants’ souls died between the Pacific and Atlantic Ocean



I was a coward

I would rather call this foreign land, Home

Between Gable’s ravines, I forgot the wound in the womb.


You are insane

You terminated a baby then ignored it

Sinister saints are still staring at the sunset



I am crazy

Kill the baby then escape to this iced land

Sinners have no motherland.


You are still a hedgehog

We love even we were harmed

God bless you, and you, and you


I am still a hedgehog

We killed our son along with our hearts

God bless yours, my son’s, and my soul.